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1. Front brake rotors - early and late
2. Brake Boosters - new or rebuilt
3. Master cylinders - early and late - new or rebuilt
4. Emergency brake cables - various length, early and late.
5. Rear brake backing plates complete with shoes with cylinder and springs.
6. Rear brake drums 5 hole and 8 hole - new -- need to be balanced. We can balance these.
7. Late rear brake drums - oil filled type; we also have new plastic covers.
8. Early small rear brake drum metal and plastic covers
9. Brake hoses - early and LATE.
10. Front Steering knuckles - early, reconditioned; late, new(exchange).
11. Front hubs, early and late (exchange).
12. Front hub bearings, early and late (late, special matched sets. All sets engraved with code numbers.
13. Front knuckles - hubs - seals -- early and late.
14. Front drive axles - early reconditioned with inner and outer boots and c.v. joints and grease.
15. Late Revcon C.V. joints - new
16. Early and late Revcon C.V. boots with grease.
17. Steering idler arms - early right side.
18. Steering bell crank, EARLY rebush and machine fit with special center bolt left side.
19. Steering bell cranks right and left late rebushed, new bolts, frame plates and shims (exchange).
20. Tie rods and drag links-tie rod ends early and late.
21. Steering gears available - rebuilt early and late.
22. Pitman arms - early and late (EARLY - H.D. OVERSIZED UPGRADE).
23. Steering shafts and boots.
24. Ball joints - upper and lower, early and late.
25. Control arm bushings - early and late. Revcon Parts List Page Two
26. A-frames upper & lower (late); upper & lower (early) (Exchange).
27. Drive shafts with U-joints (Late).
28. Final drive and all necessary parts.
29. Front drive half shaft slider yokes and U-joints.
30. Wheels, early 5-bolt style 8.25x16.5 and 9.75x16.5; and late 8 bolt original heavy steel 8.25x16.5.
31. Hub covers 8 lug - lug nuts and studs.
32. Aluminum wheels 8.25x16.5 to fit late with SS covers.
33. Clearance Lights - 2 sizes -- call with number on lens.
34. Porch lights - original type.
35. Taillights, new red plastic for phony taillight area. Tail and turn sockets to go in this area for added lights. Tail light lenses early and late.
36. Orange plastic turn signal lens - front - early and late.
37. Shift cables - early and late.
38. Transfer case - pinion - final drive rubber mounts.
39. Transfer case - gears & new chains, bearings & seals. Input and output shafts.
40. Transfer case complete - late model.
41. Torsion bars - early remanufactured larger diameter 1.312; some original used 1.250; late bars 1.375
42. Torsion bar pork chops available.
43. Adjuster bolts and plates - larger diameter 5/8" bolts for pork chops.
44. Hexagon tubes in lower A-frame have to be welded in A-frame.
45. Dashboard - late- most gauges-sender switches are in stock.
46. Windshield glass - early and late with new rubber seal.
47. Windshield wiper motors, arms and blades.
48. Window slider channel cloth covered 2-sizes .365 and .420 wide.
49. Shocks, front & rear, early and late (Bilsteins).
50. Exhaust systems with stainless mufflers 2-1/2 reconditioned manifolds Olds & Chevy.
51. Gas tanks available - we can make new or weld old ones have new fuel senders.
52. Holding tanks - we can weld plastic tanks or make new ones.
53. Axles - rear - we can make or straighten alignment.
54. Front and rear bumper rubber and clips.
55. Fender skirts, rear-late model.
56. Misc. compartment doors available.
57. Battery slider tracks and trays - Onan slider tracks.
58. Hydraulic jacks & electric jacks installed and repaired.
59. Body side molding insert - have light brown, dark brown and black.
60. Bearings, seals, studs,and lug nuts in stock.
61. Assorted cruise control parts.
62. Dash heater and AC controls - valves and cables.
63. Motor and transmission mounts for early and late.
64. Early sewer drain cover plastic - original.
65. Early drawer pull handles, medium brown plastic.
66. Trunion arms and bushings.
67. Onan dealer with most parts in stock.
68. We stock medium pressure hose & fittings for engine oil, transmission & hydraulic lines.
69. Late service manuals.
70. Early roof vent 15x25 cover.
71. Early roof vent cover 14x14 round corners.
72. Early refer vent recessed type.
73. Entrance door rubber seal "T" type.
74. Compartment 1/4" wide rubber seal.

Notes on Year model distinction:
Early-- 1970 to 1977
1978--early chassis - late body
Late-- 1979 to 1990
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revised: March 2004